Mark Sheppard on fans at Comic Con [x]

Mark Sheppard gets it.

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#405, Luxray

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#404, Luxio

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#403, Shinx

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#132, Ditto

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#417, Pachirisu

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#425, Drifloon

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I love albinwonderland so much 

Whattup? Truth.

I enjoy sharing my fandoms with people personally… It’s not about nerd cred or anything like that. It’s just nice to be able to talk to another person about something that we both enjoy.

Bullying in Cosplay (part 1) ›

Bullying seems to be an every day occurrence for many people- especially those that in a general society would be labeled as “different”. Bullying can happen for every and any reason- from petty things to not wearing a certain brand of shoes to things you can’t control such as skin or eye color.

We’ve all dealt with bullying to some degree in our lives. Among siblings it happens and even as young children, who sometimes don’t know better, we would tease someone else. Maybe because we didn’t like them, sometimes sadly, because we did. Regardless bullying creates nothing but victims- those of those who are the bullies are victims in their own right of some reason or another to start such a things. And of course those that are on the receiving end of it…

Anonymous asked: (Inspired by the previous question) If you were the Cosplay Highlander, which other cosplayer would you decapitate and take their powers from? :D


Hmmmm… Either Catherine of “GStQ Fashions” or Volpin. Those are my two idols whom are AMAZEBALLS talented!!

kalmuka asked: Rei Ayanami

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Yesss!! I want to do so many of her outfits but I’ve been told I looked bad as her .__.;; so I got super self-conscious…

shogostrikesback asked: Do you put a bird on random things and then pickle it?

Constantly. It’s almost an addiction of mine.



ヽ( ゜∇ ゜)ノ

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shogostrikesback asked: If you were a man and I was as sexy as a woman as I am a man, would you want to be the father of a couple of my bastard children? If I was handcuffed and had a super wedgie, would you pull it out for me? Have you ever killed another cosplayer because you felt they were stealing your thunder? Can I have a few strands of your hair and flakes of your skin, so I would always have a part of you with me? Why aren't you returning my calls? Why do you think I am the one sneaking into your apartment?

- If I were to have sex with you I’d like it enough to put a ring on it. We can talk about children later.
- Yes
- No
- I shed a lot so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s already some on you from sneaking into my apartment :P
- I hate talking on the phone, try texting instead! :D
- Why do you think you would be the only one sneaking into my apartment?


maravillante asked: You have a tumblr and I'm not following you D: -HazeAC

I never really post anything interesting though ^^;; Just more cosplay wargarble!